This page will host additional resources related to Navarrete, A. F., Blezer, E. L. A., Pagnotta, M., de Viet, E. S. M., Todorov, O. S., Lindenfors, P., Laland, K. N. & Reader, S. M. 2018. Primate brain anatomy: New volumetric MRI measurements for neuroanatomical studies. Brain, Behavior and Evolution, 91, 1-9.

The Primate Brain Bank MRI scans will be made available on figshare - these are the raw scans - and we will also upload to a repository specific to primate MRI data, the PRIMatE Data Exchange. There will be 51 folders of MRI scans. The additional scans, termed 'MRI Scan Donations' in the paper are not to be uploaded. We apologize that this is not clear in the paper.

Please note, the supplementary material and scans are currently not available on Figshare. This is because of technical issues in uploading the MRI scans and because additional anoynimization is required for the MRI Scan Donations, and so we requested the figshare data be taken down until this was resolved.

For questions, please contact Simon Reader,

Last update: 20/06/2018.